FuelSaver Technologies has a real-time shape changing technological solution to increase fuel efficiency in long haul vehicles such as tractor-trailer trucks and buses.  Our solution is a full body streamlining of the vehicle’s aerodynamic profile, minimizing drag at the back of the trailer, underbelly of the trailer, and the gap between the tractor and trailer.    The result is both increased fuel efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.  This solution can pay for itself within its first year of purchase, by lowering the customer’s operating costs and increasing its profitability.


The Company estimates an average customer using its invention will reduce fuel consumption by 7 to 25 percent, depending upon specific vehicle and product configuration. For a typical tractor-trailer truck configuration, this could translate into saving 5,200 gallons of fuel annually from improved fuel efficiency.  The Return on Investment (ROI) in a particular FuelSaver unit will depend on the model and on the mileage traveled by the vehicle.  Generally, a FuelSaver unit will pay for itself in less then one year, assuming an average Over the Road (OTR) truck configuration (a trailer attached to a tractor).